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Our History
CompuRep Pty Ltd (CR) (www.compurep.com.au), an Australian owned company established in 1998, has since evolved from an IT and electronic services company into a diverse company with involvements in multiple areas of the gaming industry.

With our associate companies, subsidiaries, partners and friends combined, our shared synergies has allowed us to pool our resources and maximise our potentials to expand into many countries and gaming areas in a short space of a few years.

Since then, CompuRep has evolved into a developer, manufacturer and distributor of products to the gaming industry of: -

(i) Display technology used in slot machines as retrofits to replace aging Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and Monitor boards.

(ii) Merchandising products for casino operators and gaming machine manufacturers with products for signage (interior and exterior), electronics components used in jackpot systems for gaming machines and information control systems for gaming machines and electronic table games.

(iii) Refurbished gaming machines.

Our LCD retrofits are customized, highly sophisticated and characterized by their extraordinary visual appeal. It has enabled us to achieve leading market positions and has been widely recognised as innovative and technologically advanced.

Our products were designed with inputs and feedbacks from the most important people - our customers. They, the end users and operators, are constantly faced with problems attributed to product changes, obsolescence, and high inventories and in some instances, lack of consultations, product and spare parts support.

Our products are differentiated from our competitors on the basis of high quality construction, artistic design and advanced technology. Our retrofits have been made to be as universal as possible to many popular slot machines drawn from our experiences in repairs and services.

Our principle concept of "One for All" applies.

CompuRep was granted a licence to manufacture gaming machines and devices in 2006. The company is also the principal original equipment manufacturer of electronic component "add-on" boards used in slot machines to display a clock or time, messages and commercial advertisements and are distributed through licenced agents and distributors to casino operators and the major gaming operators.

The Company's product lines are complementary and provide the casino operator with integrated, value-added solutions that can help businesses reduce total cost of ownership of products and eventually, increase revenues. Today, our products can be found in casinos and clubs around the world, in the floor and back office.

Outlook and Strategy
The boom in gaming in the Asian region has shifted much of the focus from the Western landscape to Asia today. We will stay focused in developing our existing businesses whilst looking to the new growth region of Asia to help us expand further.

In the near future, as part of our products roadmap, we intend to expand aggressively into: -

-    Display technologies for retrofitting of gaming machines and digital media
-    Design and Research development of gaming products and programmes
-    Development of gaming machines integration products for jackpot and bonus systems
-    Production of our own gaming machines
-    Harm minimisation add-on devices for slot machines
-    Establishing refurbishment centres for used slot machines

CR In Australia and Overseas
The company has undertaken new initiatives by setting up joint venture overseas with local partners. To derive valuable technology and product synergies, CR also partners with external research organisations and leading international companies. This involvement with associate companies has enabled us to produce new generation products for the Gaming industry.

CR as a Technology player realises that its business backbone rests in its technology and product development to meet constantly user needs and market trends.

On this premise, CR is committed to research and development. The main thrust of our R&D programme is to design and develop market driven, user-friendly products that involve good price / performance benefit at a dynamic pace.

We strive to use service and product quality to differentiate us from our competition. A key ingredient of CR continued success in today's competitive environment has been the company's ability to sustain its reputation as a quality and reliable service provider and partner in major markets. CR acknowledges the importance of supplying only proven performance, high quality products to achieve superiority in the marketplace. In line with our corporate policy to provide quality service and products, our commitment is reflected in our operational structures in Australia and in international target markets.

CR realised the importance of a good business partner relationship. Our business philosophy and attitude towards our clients help strengthen our partnerships, ultimately making it easier for you to do business with your customers.

Our Appreciation
CR sees tremendous opportunities and growth prospects in gaming worldwide. Our ability to grow and expand is due largely to the contributions made by our staff, our business associates, partners and friends in Australia and around the world.

To those who have stood by us, we thank you for your wonderful and kind support, without which, it would have been almost impossible.