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Features and Highlights
The CR-988-OFD LCD Retrofit kit is an innovative product, approved by various testing authorities and jurisdictions.

We know how important it is to have a choice!
It has been designed to provide gaming operators with options and an alternative to aging and outdated displays.

We understand and hear your problems!
Through experience and feedbacks from technicians servicing the industry, and coupled with ideas from industry operators, the CR-988-OFD LCD retrofit kit was designed and developed to be as universal as possible. By that, we aim as close as possible to be a � One for All and All for One product.

We know how hard it is to run a business!

We understand TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in business operation. With that in mind, our products help service providers and operators to reduce inventories through commonality of parts. We believe that is a very important aspect of any workshops that have to provide technical or repair services. Downtime in business translates into loss of revenues and income.











Easy to understand

Lower Electrical Consumption

Gives your old machines a new look

Clear images that make your machines look new

Designed to be a “Universal LCD” to work with as many machines as possible

It comes with a 5mm thick toughened glass to protect against vandals

19-inch display

Commonality in parts means less inventory problems in future

Lightweight – easily moved around

Not susceptible to Screen burnt or scarring

CR LCD Retrofit Kits tested and approved for the following:

 Aristocrat Mark 5 Series 1

 Aristocrat Mark 5 Series 2 (MVP) with Touch

 Aristocrat Mark 6 Xcite with Touch

 IGT Spectrum – GU4 with Touch

 Konami Tasman

 Aristocrat Mark 5 Series 2 (MVP)

 Aristocrat Mark 6 Xcite

 IGT Spectrum - GU4

 IGT Game king – with Touch

 Konami Endeavour Series