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Endorsement Information
CR has obtained safety test certification, GLI and jurisdictional approvals on all its range of products.

At CR, the quality of its technologies, products, solutions and services is the primary measure of the company's commitment to customers. CR pledges quality excellence to its customers through its emphasis on understanding the concept of Total Quality Management practise. As the company moves ahead, it will maintain its drive in managing through the policy of quality excellence by percolating core productivity values amongst all staff and implementing TQM procedures and processes in all aspects involved in the roll out of products, solutions and services. Apart from investing in technology and equipment, CR places special emphasis on the continuous upgrading of the skills and knowledge of staff.

CR Worldwide
The company has undertaken new initiatives in Asia through strategic alliances with local companies and clubs. To derive valuable technology and product synergies, CR also partners with external research organisations and leading international companies. This involvement with associate companies in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and China has enabled us to produce new generation products for the Gaming and Amusement industry. During new products design stage, key areas of consideration are - ease of use, lower inventory costs and wider area of application for any single product.